Liquid Latex Fashions Body Paint Products Manufacturers 

sexy body paint on girls with liquid latex

  • Liquid Latex Fashions manufacturers and sells body painting products.
  • Our body paints are manufactured with FDA approved ingredients, and are of the highest quality available. 
  • Liquid Latex produces a cosmetic grade product that will not stain your skin.
  • ONLY here can you find AMMONIA-FREE liquid latex that is manufactured with FDA approved ingredients making it safe for face and body painting!
  • We offer a full range of accessories to make it easier for you to use our product:

    Paint brushes – Ranging in size and shape to assist you

    Body Prep – Body Prep is a specially formulated gentle Aloe Vera lotion used to create a barrier between your skin and Liquid Latex. Body Prep creates a barrier coat to help facilitate the removal of Liquid Latex

    Cleansing Spray – Liquid latex body clean is a proprietary, biodegradable formulation designed to aid in the removal of Liquid Latex Body paint. Simply rub the body clean into the latex with your fingertips for about one minute. Soon you will see the latex slowly start to separate from your skin. A final cleansing with warm water will reveal your deeply-cleansed skin.  When used with our Body Prep.

    Finishing Spray – Liquid Latex Fantasy Finish provides the perfect finish coat over your Liquid Latex creation. It dries to a clear shine and removes tackiness from dried latex. It is recommended to prevent sticking and to give the liquid latex a radiant finish. When used over fluorescent Liquid Latex colors, it preserves the black light glow.

    Two or three coats of Liquid Latex is recommended for the best looking results. 
  • Liquid Latex Fashions offers a full line of latex colors, including Gold and Silver Metallic for a shimmering statue effect.  We also offer Fluorescent and Neon Latex Colors.

  • Our facility is located in Pennsylvania and all shipments are sent from this location. We ship throughout the United States and Canada.  All major credit cards are accepted – Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  We also accept Paypal payments.


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