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Finished Make up.

Finished Make up.

Halloween is fast approaching, since this is our favorite time of year at We thought it would be a good time to share some spooky ideas.

For this tutorial, you will need:

  • Flesh colored liquid latex available here.
  • Blood Gel
  • Red liner (eye or lip)
  • Black eye shadow
  • Tissue or Toilet paper
  • Blush (red/purple will work well)
  • A blush brush / powder brush
  • A flat make up brush or paint bush
  • A stippling sponge or stippling brush

The Process:
Step 1: Wash and moisturize your face, pat dry.

Step 2: Apply a thin coat of flesh colored latex to the area where you want to your wounds to be. (Mine is on my cheek)  Allow to dry 2-5 minutes, the apply a second coat of latex.


Step 4

Step 3: While your last coat of latex is still tacky, lay on facial tissue in the shape of the wounds you’re creating, and tear off excess. Apply 2-3 additional coats using sponge. Note: When applying several coats of latex, always allow the first to dry before you add the next. A hair dryer will speed up the drying time quite a bit.

Step 4: Start applying the red liner to the inside of the wounds, heavier on the inside, and lighter to the outside and edges, apply anywhere there would naturally be trauma to the skin. Add some scrapes and lines for effect.  Add some black shadow on inside edges and corners to add depth.

Step 5: With your blush go over the edges of the wound/s , then apply the blood gel in the same way you applied the red liner, thicker inside the wound, thinner outside of it.

Step 6: Apply liquid foundation that matches your skin tone, use the sponge to go over the endes of your latex to blend it in better with your actual skin.  Use translucent powder to set foundation and latex.

Step 7: Apply some additional gel blood with the stippling sponge, use around edges of the wound to help camouflage them.

If you give this a try, feel free to submit your pictures, we would love to see what you can do!
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